Is Reaper Still Accessible And Easier To Use Than Logic Pro?

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Hi. I've been struggling for nearly two years to learn Logic Pro, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface of the little I want to know. I'm not interested in the thirty-three thousand other features it has. Now, I've gotten frustrated to the point that I'm wondering if I should buy and learn something easier. I record flute choir music, playing each part on its own track. I use fade in and fade out and cross fading. I use EQ and bass filter. I also use pitch correction. I might use reverb someday. I do like to punch in passages to improve them. I sometimes nudge notes or bars to a better spot. And that's about it.

Do you think I should drop Logic Pro and give Reaper a try?





Submitted by Portia Scott on Tuesday, January 1, 2019


I use Reaper and it is pretty darn amazing!! As far as whether it will be easier, that may be kind of hard for someone to exactly say, as everyone has their own learning ability/speed, but you can evaluate Reaper for 60 days before it turns into a "Demo," as they put it.

Keep in mind, yes you'll have to install Osara and learn the commands to do what you want, but in my opinion, it's worth at least evaluating it to see if Reaper meets your needs and doesn't make you want to yank your hairs out, lol.

A useful tutorial can be found at:

The Reaper accessibility wiki can be located at:

Good luck to you and happy New year!!

Submitted by Luke on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I know this is a Mac forum but since I don't own a Mac, I can speak from my experiences using Reaper on the PC with the NVDA screen reader and the previously mentioned Asara plugin. In short, amazing! I've never before had so much access to a DAW in my nearly 20 years of being a hobbyist home recording enthusiast.

I've been using Reaper for a couple years now and I love it. You can easily accomplish each of the tasks you mentioned in your post and a whole lot more. If anything, Reaper can be daunting at first because it is so powerful and flexible. The thing to remember is that you don't have to learn everything about it, just the things you want to use it for. As you get more comfortable with it you can start to explore more features as you need them.

I highly reccommend downloading the fully functional demo and giving it a shot. Here is a link on installing the accessibility plugins: