Reading the terminal output on mac with VoiceOver?

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Hello! I learn programming on python and for the most part I use visual studio code environment for coding tasks. But sometimes it happens that I need to read the terminal. The question is: how do I navigate between the output of the terminal with VoiceOver? Is it possible? I tried to do that with command+arrows or option+arrows but nothing worked. I get the same problem in visual studio code. I am using a macbook air 2017, macOs 10.15.4 and zsh as a default terminal. What can I do? How can I read a terminal output with VO? Thank you!



Submitted by Brian on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Disclaimer: This works in both BaSH and zSH. Feel free to try it out your self with:
$ exec BaSH
$exec zSH
These will swap your shell between BaSH and zSH on the fly.
/End disclaimer:
First, when you load up Terminal, interact with the "shell text" (VO plus Shift plus Down arrow). Once you have done this, pressing Up or Down Arrows will let you scroll through any previously entered commands/text. Pressing VO plus Up or Down Arrows will let you 'read' the terminal, as you say.
Also, if you want a simple 'print out' and do not need to do anything other than just read the information, then pressing CTRL plus 's' will save the terminal output into a .txt file in your Documents folder (or wherever you have chosen such files to download to).
Hope this helps. :)