Reading continuously in Safari Reader skips content

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Hi, all. I'm running Big Sur 11.4 on a Mac M1. I'm finding that VoiceOver skips content when in Safari Reader when I've done either a VO-B or VO-A to read continuously. This also happens if I swipe down with two fingers on the trackpad. However, if I press VO-right arrow, I do not, of course, skip content while reading an article on the CNN website while in Reader. Is this a glitch with CNN, or does this happen for others while using Safari Reader. The student I'm teaching and I are hoping to avoid the ads on CNN so that's why we're choosing to use Reader. It would also be nice to read continuously without skipping material or repeating what has already been read. Thanks much.



Submitted by Bobcat on Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Me too. iOS 14.6, iPhone SE.
It skips when I hear a beep that I think indicates that it's trying to recognize an image. My phone doesn't support Screen recognition feature .
I understand you were talking about the problem on a Mac. Maybe it's a problem with Safari and both platforms.