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hi, got a few questions about folders. in the menu under file there is new folder,new folder with selection,smart folder, and burn folder. what is the difference between new folder and new smart folder? what is the new folder with selection for? what is the burn folder for?



Submitted by mehgcap on Friday, January 17, 2014

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Each does a slightly different thing. Here is a quick overview of the four:
  • New Folder: makes a new folder with nothing in it.
  • New Smart Folder: makes a new smart folder and lets you define the rules. Smart folders can group files together that aren't necessarily stored in the same place, such as all files with a particular set of tags or certain music and image files. They dynamically create their contents, so adding files to them is as easy as making sure a file satisfies the smart folder's rules. Google can explain more fully and tell you about the different rules you can use.
  • New Folder from Selection: makes a new folder containing all items selected in Finder. Highlight ten files, choose this option, and those files go into the new folder.
  • Burn Folder: burns the selected folder to a cd or dvd.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, January 18, 2014

I plan on covering this in my series 2 tutorials for mac osx but in short: 1. new folder creates a new folder. 2. new smart folder creates a folder from your search criteria you set up and places it in your side bar. 3. new folder with selection creates a new folder if you selected 2 or mire items. the short cut key for this is cmd control n. I don't burn stuff so can't tell you what new burn folder does but hope that helps a bit.

Ah being that I don't burn stuff I don't use the burn folder to CD. I don't really find a use for it as I normally use flash drives for stuff. lol! Thanks.