question about resizing a volume via the terminal

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I want to resize a certain volume so I shrank 1 volume to accommodate. It worked but now I want to expand the second partition to fill up the space left by the resized partition. I'm using terminal to do all of this. I did resizevolume disk4s3 limits to see what that was and here's what I got

For device disk4s3 ccc:
Current size: 2.0 TB (1999653736448 Bytes)
Minimum size: 357.9 GB (357921611776 Bytes)
Maximum size: 2.0 TB (1999653736448 Bytes)

That's the clincher as I should have an additional 500 gigts on this partition, right?

Here's the info on the resized volume.

For device disk4s2 mtm:
Current size: 1.5 TB (1499999997952 Bytes)
Minimum size: 38.0 GB (38000230400 Bytes)
Maximum size: 2.0 TB (1999865806848 Bytes)

So how can I reallocate the 500 gigs from disk4s2 to disk4s3 or is that even possible?