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Hello are you? I did also ask Microsoft this question, but I also want your opinion. I have question regarding sharing a Office365 subscription. My whole life up to now, my family and I have used a Office subscription for Windows, however I am considering and now probably am going to switch to Mac because of the voice over and general accessibility advantages. My question is, can you share an Office subscription currently used on Windows PC with a Apple Macbook, or would I have to buy a separate Office software? In addition and I am not sure if you would be able to answer this, but if I wanted to use a braille display with office, to pan through or read a document would I have to setup my word software to allow me to do so? Thank you have a great day!



Submitted by Mustafa Dogus on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I have not any experience with Office365. I am only using Office for Mac 2016. The package contains Mac version of Office 2016, apps for mobile devices and 1 GB OneDrive usage. I think you can get the information you need from the Microsoft Office website.

Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You will need to setup your braille display to work with VoiceOver. Microsoft Word has no knowledge of your braille display on a PC nor on a Mac. Braille displays are ran by the screen reader.

Submitted by Minionslayer on Thursday, March 5, 2020

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Your Office365 subscription is cloud-based so it will work on all compatible devices but you'll need to consider some factors beforehand.
It first depends on what version of Office365 you bought.
If you got Personal, you get 5 sign-ins across all compatible devices.
If you got Home, you get those 5 sign-ins, plus up to 5 additional users you can share Office with. They all get the same plan with the same features on their own Microsoft accounts.
I say this because if your family and you use 5 or less devices, you might have gone with Personal, while you would have gone for home if otherwise.
Either way, you can deauthorize Office with a device by going to
You'd do this in your case if you have a computer signed in to your Office365 and want to free up a space.
Feel free to ask any more questions on the matter.