Question About Message List in Apple Mail

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I have a question about navigating the message list in Apple Mail on the Mac. I’m running Mail in Yosemite with VoiceOver. I have hundreds of messages in my inbox. Instead of moving up and down one message at a time with the up- and down arrows, are there commands to make larger jumps through the list of messages, such as a whole screen-s worth at a time? Are there commands to go to the top and bottom messages in the Inbox. According to Tim Sniffen’s book on “Mastering the Mac”, Command plus Option plus uparrow should go to the top of the list, and Command plus Option plus downarrow to the last message, but these commands don’t seem to be working.

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions.




Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's option up and down to go to the top and bottom of the message. And as for moving large chunks try the track pad commander and scroll up and down with 3 fingers.