Question about managing custom ringtones in iTunes

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Recently, i was shocked to learn after this last OS update, we are no longer able to put custome ringtones that we make ourselves into ITunes and into our IDevices. I do this so that I can keep all my contacts straight in my head and I don't have to have just one sound going off for everybody. I spent over three hours with Apple accessibility only to find out this news. I even spoke to someone who downgraded their ITunes in the operating system so that they could still have this option. I did express my anger that Apple has taken our freedom away from us if we would like to have custome ringtones and text tones for contacts. How I found this out was when I went into my device while the Iphone was connected and only saw the tones I had purchased. All the custome one's wern't showing up at all. Yet they are there on the phone. In my humble opinion, I think they are being a bit proprietary with consumers. Maybe I'm wrong about this but, this is how I feel.
I should also point out htat after fixing ITunes, it took me an hour to fix the entire OS on the Mack from a Time machine back up. I think the notes in updates should say what has been added and what has been taken away even if the what's new notes are long.



Submitted by Shersey on Monday, November 20, 2017

It's really easy, too. Just go to your ringtone in your file browser and copy it to the clipboard. Then go to your iTunes window and paste the file. You need to do this when you're on the tones section of your iPhone in iTunes. I don't have my computer handy right now, but it's basically the same place where you used to go to manage ringtones on your iPhone before iOS 11. I think you can even paste multiple tones at once, but I'm not entirely sure about that, since it's been so long since I've done it. Worth a shot, though. So yes, the process has changed, but it's still doable.


Submitted by DJX on Monday, November 20, 2017

Hi, as mentioned in the comment above, you can do it. Just go to the tones section, open a browser/finder window with your tones, copy and paste into the iTunes list view. You can in fact copy multiple tones. Then press apply, and like before, the tones are copied over. For others, this function is done by drag and drop, but that's a funny business with screen readers, so glad to see copy/paste does just the same, and even faster when it comes to multiple tones transfer!


Submitted by themusicman08 on Monday, November 20, 2017

I want to say thank you to the comments but, here's the strange thing. I can't change the name of the tone that I have pasted in to the phone. For instance, I have a tone called, Victory/Kid Icarus." When I paste this in to the section, it renames it as the number 1. You are unable to edit the information after pressing cmd-I, and give it the correct title. All the tone's would show up as number 1. I don't use garage band to make tone's. I use another program that has worked for me in Windows to pull this off. It's a program called Create ringTone. You save the file as an m4r but, after that, you have to paste it with the default title.