Question about Catalina update

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Hello all,
My Mac has been stuck on the same screen now for an hour. It says setting up mac. There is a progress bar, or at least thats what voiceover calls it. It says checklist showing steps to complete 16.7%. I had my son look at the screen and there is no movement on the progress bar at all. How long should this take to finish the update? Is there something I can do or do I just need to wait it out?

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Zachary on Monday, October 7, 2019

I would maybe call Apple because it sounds like your Mac is having an issue completing setup. Whatever you do, don't turn your computer off. Call Apple, not Apple accessibility, just the regular Apple toll-free number, and ask them for help. If no one picks up there, you can try accessibility, but I would recommend just calling the regular Apple number because I don't believe this issue pertains to any sort of accessibility feature or bug.