Problems while installing Adobe Flash Player on the Mac with VoiceOver (Mac OS X Yosemite)

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Hello everyone,
I have downloaded the Flash Player from Adobe for my new Macbook Air yesterday. The download worked fine, but while installing the Flash Player I had problems with VoiceOver. The buttons were all clearly labelled, but I was not able to click the "forward" button with VoiceOver. I accessed the button, pressesd VO+Space and nothing happened.
System: Mac OS X Yosemite, MacBook Air, VoiceOver (German).

Has anyone an idea?
I changed from Windows to Mac OS X a few days ago, so I have not that much experience with VoiceOver on the Mac.

Thanks in advance,



Submitted by splyt on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

try to press cmd vo f5 and then vo shift space on the button, equivalent to moving jaws cursor to pc and pressing the left mouse button. You will be performing this kind of thing a lot on mac OS.

Submitted by Ben Hofer on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I used that kind of thing often with JAWS. Also, it worked fine for me in this situation.
Thank you very much.