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Hello *,

I want to play different games with WINE. I have installed WINE with this howto:… …

I have some problems:

1. The installation of "dotnet462" crashed with an message from the installer.
2. After installation I can play A hero's call but I'm can only using the English SAPI.
3. I have a copy from SWAMP but it can not be running (bad number in block 52 or so on).

My questions:

Is there a way to install a Screenreader (for example NVDA) in WINE?
2. Is there a way to install an other VOICE for SAPI? I want to play a hero's call in German. ;-)
3. What can I do to running SWAMP?

Thanks in advance.





Submitted by hamiltonthemus… on Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello, how do I install wine? What do I need to do? Do I need to install NVDA or another screen reader to get the games to work? How do I install games and open them in wine? Thanks

Hello hamiltonthemusi,

at first you must follow the steps wrote by the A Hero's Call team:…

One steps is missing there. You must install XQUARTZ to install WINE.

After following the steps you can only extract games for example "A Hero's Call" and run the EXE-file from the finder. Only a German voice is missing at the moment. You can only play games with an own speech (self self voicing) or with an supported SAPI mode.

Hope that helps.



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