Problems with Numbers For Mac Starting After Version 4.3.1

macOS & Mac Apps

I use Numbers on the Mac very frequently. With version 4.3.1 and earlier, Voice Over would say the cell contents, followed by the coordinates. After version 4.3.1, it says the coordinates followed by the contents. I find this to be much less efficient because, when I am scrolling down through the sheet, looking for something, I have to wait for it to say the coordinates each time I hit the down arrow before finding out if the cell contains what I'm looking for. Initially, I handled this problem by downgrading back to version 4.3.1. This worked for about a year or so. However, I am now sharing files with people who are using the latest version of Numbers and I find that version 4.3.1 won't open some of those files. It tells me that I have to upgrade in order to open them, which I did, but the coordinates first thing is bugging me to no end. Does anyone know of a way to get VO to say the contents before the coordinates in the latest versions of Numbers?