Problems with moving between characters in Visual Studio Code editor using VoiceOver

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi all! So, i am a beginner in programming and I am learning python. I am using visual studio code for my windows and mac but after upgrading visual studio code for mac I notice that there is no way to move between characters in code in the text editor. I can move between lines of my code, but when I press right and left arrows with the quick navigation turned off it says the part of the code that is left after I pressed an arrow and what python version I am using so it's impossible for me to know which character I am on and it's impossible to work with the code because of it. Is there any workaround about it or this is the common bug? That would be really interesting to know, maybe I configured something wrong after reinstalling VSCode. I am using MacBook air 2017 with MacOs Catalina 10.15.2. Thank you!