Problems managing users in System Preferences

macOS and Mac Apps

I'd like to remove admin rights from the main user and have admin rights for a separate user as this is good practice. But, even after I press the "click the lock to make changes" button" I cannot remove admin rights nor delete any users. The checkbox for admin is dimmed and so is the delete user button. Currently I have two users both with admin rights and want either to remove admin rights from one or delete one and start again if for some reason I can't edit them. I read somewhere that you can't remove admin rights from your original user set up when you first got the mac but I've created another user with admin rights so I can't see why this should be. There are, according to VO, two buttons both labelled "click the lock to make changes" - does it matter which one I press? Can anyone guide me how to delete one of the current users (they both have admin rights) and/or remove admin rights from the latest one I created?



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, July 16, 2016

Log on to the second one with admin writes and remove the user you are not logged into. If I'm not understanding what you want to do please let me know.