Problems Editing Text with VoiceOver - OSX

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Hello everyone,

I am trying desperately to get to grips with VO rather than go Windows.. BUT Text editing is proving to be such a challenge!

Can you help?

I'm using TextEdit and the following commands just don't work for me. Maybe there is something I do not have swithed on or something?

* VO-W -- will not navigate by word
* VO-C -- will not navigate by character
- etc.

also, i read an article here which looked great till i tried it... it mentioned several versions of "hold OPT and use arrows to nav by word" and it does do that one, but not the ones for characters or sentences etc.

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?




Submitted by Tyler on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

To my knowledge, VO C and W read the current character and word, respectively, but won't navigate by those elements. I've found the best way to navigate by character is with the left and right arrows, and the best way to navigate by word is with option plus left and right arrows.

The rotor commands to navigate by character, word, and sentence all seem to be working for me, but I normally use the standard arrow navigation commands.


Thanks for your help

The problem in the end was simple but elusive. Quick Nav was truned on (Press Right + Left Arrows together) and this screwed up all the normal text editing commands.

Hope this is useful to anyone else who's pulling out their hair in frustration :)