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Hi folks,
I use to switch from PC to Mac OS by clicking on OS in the Bootcam icon in the notifications area. But now when I want to switch to OS, a message will pop up "OS volume can not be found ".
I started experiencing this issue after updating the Bootcam via the Apple update and also the Mac OS to High Sierra 10.13.
Is anyone experiencing same?
Am using MacBook air 13, 2015.



Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Monday, October 9, 2017

This problem is happening because windows can't recognize the partition with high sierra on it.
When Apple updated to the new os, they switched to a new file system called APFS.
Unfortunately windows can't recognize a partition with this file system on it. For now you'll have to switch by holding down the option key at startup and selecting the os you want from there.
You can still select windows from the startup disk options in system preferences from mac os, but you'll have to use the hold option method to move back to mac from the windows side.

Submitted by Bryan Jones on Monday, October 9, 2017

I can replicate this. Apple has acknowledged the issue and has posted a KB article which I've linked at the bottom of this post.

Issue: After upgrading from macOS 10.12 to 10.13, attempting to Restart in OS X from the Windows Boot Camp menu fails with message "Could not locate the OS X boot volume."

Steps to recreate the issue on a mid-2013 MBA running macOS 10.13 with primary macOS volume formatted as APFS and Bootcamp partition running Windows 10 formatted as NTFS:
1. Boot into Windows in the Mac's Bootcamp partition.
2. From the Windows Bootcamp utility menu, choose "Restart in OS X."
3. If prompted, choose OK to verify.
4. The system fails to restart from Windows and a dialog box appears with the message, "Could not locate the OS X boot volume."

Troubleshooting steps attempted:
1. Apply all macOS updates. (no improvement)
2. Apply all Windows 10 updates, including updates to Apple's Windows utilities. (no improvement)
3. Attempt to boot into macOS by holding down the X key during startup. (failed)

1. Shut down or restart Windows.
2. As the Mac is starting up, press the Option key to boot to the Mac Startup Manager.
3. Use the left or right arrow keys to select the desired OS and press return to boot into the selected OS.

* Note that VO is not available at the Startup Manager screen.
** There are a number of active threads discussing this issue and associated workarounds in the public Apple Support Forums.

More info available in the following Apple KB article titled, "How to switch between Windows and macOS in macOS High Sierra."

Submitted by Tasha on Friday, October 27, 2017

I am having the opposite problem, and can't find any info on how to solve it. I can't make windows the default partition: it's dimmed under system preferences on the mac side.

Submitted by Godwin adoyi Agada on Friday, October 27, 2017

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You have to click on the button that says "click here to make changes", then a password field will pop up. Enter your password then you can make changes.

Submitted by Anne on Saturday, February 3, 2018

I cannot get into OS X anymore. People from apple told me to use the 'alt' button, and this worked for some weeks, but now it doesn't anymore. I contacted the apple desk and they told me that I could force my way in by using 'alt+cmd+R+P'. I've been able to reach OS X, but only twice. After that it didn't work anymore. Now it seems like nobody knows what to do about it. Can somebody help me?


Submitted by szb on Sunday, March 4, 2018

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the situation is even worst then you describe. I recently purchased a brand new MacBook Pro 15. you can not set up bootcamp from fresh if you have high Sierra . on top of that apple support does not let you to bring it to a store. instead they try to waste your time with a multiple layer of technicians on the phone each claiming they are more capable then the previous of who already wasted 2 hours of your life trying some bizarre thing. Like "Turn Off Time Machine. Let your Mac wait for 90 Minutes to settle" before your try again setting up "Bootcamp and disc partition. And of course it does not work. They also enjoy asking the same question even when you give them the your previous case numbers. All they need to do is to read the case to see that those questions like "Have you used a back up when your set up this Mac ? Answer NO. already there. but instead of reading they enjoy getting in to your nerves. They can not understand the fact that Apple does not pay for our time as Clients.
There is something different with the way High Sierra organizes the File System and Bootcamp can not digest it. I describe it this easy but those highly paid genius engineers in Apple neither admit nor share it.I am out over 3K for a brand new MacBook Pro + AppleCare which I can not use for my business because I can not install Bootcamp. Do you think it is fair?