Problems Adjusting Selection in Amadeus

macOS & Mac Apps

When working with a selection in Amadeus, you can press A and S to slightly move the beginning of the selection and you can press D and F to slightly move the end of the selection. I am finding that this works inconsistently. The point is supposed to be fine adjustment of the selection but I find that this sometimes adjusts the selection by as much as a few seconds and it sometimes does not adjust the selection at all. I’m sure I am missing something. Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by splyt on Thursday, December 7, 2017

The amount of adjustment is usually related to the zoom currently in use. I can not remember now but in the view command there should bbe a setting to either adjusting the zoom to normal level or to adjust the current portion of the file shown to the window and this should back things to normal.