A Problem With YoruFukurou Not Displaying Login Prompt

macOS & Mac Apps

I recently have being using YoruFukurou app for my twitter on my brand new MacBook Pro with retina recently. It was one of my favorite app, and best of all it was very accessible with VoiceOver.
Recently, I restored my Mac due to some problem and I went back to factory settings, thankfully since it new I didn't had any of my data quite yet. I reinstalled YoruFukurou, the same way that I did when first got my Mac.
All the sudden now it doesn't seem to work now. As soon as open the app, it displays the following.
"Whoa there the request token for this page is invalid. It may have already been used or expired because it is too old" and continues on something like this.
So I can not log in and use this app anymore. Is there any fixes that I can currently try to do? I've been trying to install and uninstall completely using AppCleaner but no luck so far.
Is this a developer's fault? I've been trying to notify the developer but no luck.

Does anyone know the solution?