problem with pages

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Hi, has anyone experienced a problem where Pages refuses to save documents? If I close the document with command W, the save as dialog opens and I can save it in the usual way, but when I click save, the document reappears in Voiceover focus without saving. If I am working on an existing document and try to close it, which should automatically save, Voiceover acknowledges, "Close," but nothing happens and the updated version is not saved. The same thing happens when I press command S to save without closing. Voiceover says save, but the document is not saved. I have checked, and there does not appear to be any windows or dialogs open, just the document window. I tried removing then reinstalling Pages with no success, although I just moved Pages to the trash and didn't delete any preference file or anything else in the library folders. Has anyone had this problem and should I just reinstall OS X to try to fix it?


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