Problem with Mail on Mac Not Being Read

I have encountered an issue on Mac that I cannot seem to resolve. In the mail app VoiceOver will read mail has no windows. It also indicates there are 6 items (presumably unread messages) but I cannot access them. I have tried to close and re open mail, force quit and re opened mail, tried to use the track pad with VoiceOver, and restarted my mac and opened mail, but I have not had any luck getting VoiceOver to read the mail window. I have encountered this issue before with various apps, but if I close and re open them VoiceOver starts reading the screen normally. If anyone has any tips or tricks to resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated as I am running out of ideas.


inbox window

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Occasionally, VoiceOver will fail to automatically focus on the Mail window when opening the app. In my experience, this can be resolved temporarily by pressing Command 1 to get VoiceOver to focus on the inbox window.


inbox window

Thanks Tyler. That did the trick. VoiceOver is reading the inbox again.