Problem installing Adobe Acrobat DC

macOS and Mac Apps


Today I tried to install Adobe Acrobat DC and got a message that I already had a newer version of the app installed and it tried to launch it. But the only version of the app I have is one on my Windows Virtual Machine. I wanted to install the Mac version of the app so I don't have to run the VM just to read a pdf file. So is there any way I can have the Mac version installed as well as the Windows version? I've noticed that some of the apps in the Mac's apps folder do have duplicates - but the ones for Windows are named "xyz - Windows 7 x 64". It seems Adobe Acrobat DC is just called that and so I suppose this is why it won't install the Mac version over the top of that newer Windows version? I may uninstall the Windows version but am just wondering if there's a way to have both on the system? Failing that, are there any other apps for reading pdfs on Mac?