problem with family sharing on mac, purchases are not showing up, please help

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I need some help with family sharing. On my iPhone, I can access my family purchases, on my mac it says that i’m part of a family but i can not access the purchases made by other people in the family sharing account. I press purchases but the only purchases that show up are mine. QI’m running the latest version of the mac os. How can I get the family purchases to show on the mac? Thanks for any help



Submitted by JDawg on Saturday, May 27, 2017

well I can't get them to show up either for me, and it's been happening since march? if it's any consolation, there's a family purchases item in the "account" menu, but when I click that option, nothing appears to change, even though voiceover makes the page reloading sound. may have to call apple on this one! though it doesn't help that there family sharing article hasn't been updated to reflect this change either so...