Pro Apps Bundle: Is the Accessibility worth Purchasing these Products?

macOS and Mac Apps

Hello. So now that I'm pursuing a degree, I now have access to the Pro Apps Bundle, which includes Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, Motion, Lro X, and Mainstage for a very cheap price of $199.
This would more be used for hobbyist sake, and not for my degree, so it isn't necessary for me to succeed. Are all of these apps, Final Cut and Logic Pro X in qicular, easy to with? Is editing a long clip of video easy enough for VoiceOver, or are there hoops that need to be jumped through? Regarding Logic Pro X, comparing to Pro Tools, is it better from a first-time use perspective with most xsic experience using you iPad?
Also, a question regarding Logic: Is there a list of accessible plug-ins out there that can be used with it? I'm wondering if things that come from EastWest or other companies are accessible, or do I have to cut quality for accessibility? Just trying to figure out which would be best for me, because I feel that this deal is a really good one.