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Hello: I am wanting to purchase good ocr software to enable me to read from scanned pages and from pdf documents. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which is better Prizmo or Docuscan Plus? There is quite a difference in price between the two programs and so does anyone have an opinion on which is better overall. Thank you for your help.



Submitted by Derry Lawlor on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hi I use docuscan plus with a hovercam and it is very good, yes it is a bit dearer but if you have a satogo account to can add it this way.

Submitted by Lisa Salinger on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What device would you like to use to scan documents? If you are using a Mac or PC, DocuScanPlus will do an excellent job. You can use a portable document camera, or a standard scanner. Please note that while I am an employee of Serotek, the company that makes DocuScanPlus, I am also a very satisfied customer. If you wish to scan text on your iOS device, DocuScanPlus will not allow you to do this. However, it will allow you to access previously scanned files from your device. To scan with your iPhone, you will specifically need an OCR app. These do a fair job, but depend mostly on the camera in your device, the lighting conditions, and the quality of the item you would like to stand. It seems that most people either use Prismo or Text Detective for this.

I would agree with all of what Lisa has said. However, if you're using this with the Mac, be sure to check that your scanner is compatible. I have an HP scanner that works with several other OCR solutions, but DocuScan doesn't seem to recognize it. It's a twaine compatible scanner, and this was done last year though, so it's entirely possible that they have since added my scanner to what is supported. Obviously, as Lisa has already stated, if you plan to use this on the iPhone, DocuScan plus will not be an option for OCR. that said, don't expect DocuScan type results on your scanned documents from something like Prizmo or Text Detective on your phone, they're 2 different types of hardware which cannot be compared in any balanced way.

Submitted by Skyhook on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Thanks to all of have commented thus far. To be clear, I am using the Mac version of Prizmo and don't plan to use a portable solution. I was just wanting to compare results from both in terms of particularly accessing pdf documents and what the ocr is like. Does anyone use Prizmo on a Mac? It seems to do fairly well and I wonder if I would be getting much better for 5 times the price. Thanks.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I think Prizmo is better. It is less cost and less pricy.