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Hi there everybody at AppleVis.com. Today's post is regarding PowerPoint presentation apps. In the world of technology apps are developing and are rapidly advancing based on the peoples needs today. In that world of advance technology PowerPoint Presentations play a giagantic role. As a result to adapt with the future and successfully live our lives in the world of technology it is definitely important to not forget them and there accessibility levels. I believe that it dinesn't matter if you use certain types of technologies for a basic but it's an awesome advantage if you o how to use a technology in this case the PowerPoint all way from creating it to the end when you have present it to someone perfessionally. Briefly all of these items include Creating a PowerPoint, writing in the PowerPoint, designing the PowerPoint in both ways for adding and moving around text boxes and adding other needed parts as well as adjusting the look and the fonts of the document, knowing all bethe basis of formatting a PowerPoint, adding images, videos Etc to slides and lastly preparing it to be presented in a fully expertised way. After these pieces of information I have some questions for everyone.
1. On the MacBook does Voiceover provide and cooperate with our latest Macs in this way?
2. Is it possible to add images, videos Etc and add text around it and format and organize your slides in a fully accessible way with Voiceogher?
3. Keynote from Apple is the most PenerPoint presentation app that I've heard being used with Mac these days. Does Voiceorgher fully accessibly do all of the following written above? If not then which application is a great option for a Visually Impaired individual using a Mac in a business area independently to create a fully expertied PowerPoint as written above.
4. Many Apple's writing apps use templates? Does any one know that within those apps or other apps is it possible to have a PowerPoint or other sorts of writing apps that don't give Tempates and let the pwpon use it and customize it based on there needs? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.