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Hi all. I know i've been posting a lot lately. I know it's not possible to turn off auto complete, which would be a godsend. but after the address field, there's things like, show bookmarks, and I have apple button, news menu button, youtube button, wickipedia I think, and a few others, before I tab all the way over to the HTML content. Is there any way to declutter, if that's a word allof this? I find it slightly annoying to go past all of this. If there isn't no need to respond. thanks for reading.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Hi. I'm not aware of any way to get rid of all of those, though you might be able to delete the YouTube and Wikipedia etc. by opening the bookmarks menu. However, what I do is use the Command+Option+Fn+Shift+RightArrow keystroke to skip to the last item, which is the HTML Content. The same keystroke with left arrow will skip you quickly back to the Toolbar. Hope that helps.

Submitted by Esther on Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Hi, I prefer to keep my toolbar, Bookmarks bar, tab bar, etc. hidden when using Safari. You can toggle any of these between "show" and "hide" via shortcut keys without having to use the "View" menu on the menu bar, and it minimizes the "clutter" when you navigate or when you use item chooser menu.

  1. Command+Shift+backslash to show/hide the toolbar (this key combination only works for an English language input keyboard, where the "|" key is Shift-backslash)
  2. Command+Shift+b to show/hide the Bookmarks bar
  3. Command+Shift+t to show/hide the tab bar
  4. Command+Slash to show/hide the status bar (I usually leave this alone -- it's at the bottom of the screen)

Even with the toolbar hidden, I can still access anything I want in the toolbar.  For example, if I want to type search text for a Google search, and press Command+Option+f, the toolbar will temporarily open, I can type in my search terms and press "return", and then the toolbar will close again even as the search gets performed.  If I want to copy the URL of the current web page, I can press Command+l to move focus to the address-bar, where the current URL will be highlighted, then press Command+c to copy the location. Again, the toolbar opens when I access the address bar and closes again when I'm done.  You can also still easily switch tabs with Control+tab (or Command+Shift+left bracket or right bracket) without having to show your tabs.

Apart from simplifying navigation, it makes it much easier to explain to new VoiceOver users, for example, the organization of the "show all bookmarks" page as basically a search text field and two tables.

There's only one reason that I don't always keep my toolbar hidden.  Starting in Lion (Mac OS X 10.7), the shortcut key combination of Command+Option+l to show/hide the Safari Downloads window only works either if the toolbar is showing, or if you are using Safari in full screen display mode.