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hi I have updated my mac to the latest software and I am having problems with the podcasts app. Basically it isn't playing things or behaving in a way I would expect. This is probably old news now. But I can''t find any help on google and as I use my mac a lot I want to listen to podcasts there too. I thought the commands would be the same as iTunes, but evidently not. It would have been good if apple could have made a guide for voiceover users.



Submitted by Tyler on Friday, June 12, 2020

To play podcasts using the Podcasts app on macOS, you must first route the mouse pointer to the episode you want by focusing on it and pressing VO Command F5, (or VO Command Function 5 if you're using a Mac with a Touch Bar) and then double click the mouse or press VO Shift Space twice quickly. This is a known bug in macOS Catalina.