Podcasts app on Big Sur?

macOS & Mac Apps

Normally, I listen to podcasts on my iPhone or iPad with Castro, but I do have a question. I seem to vaguely remember that this was one of the biggest things about the native Apple Podcasts app which I hated worth a passion.

Is there a way on the mac side of things in Big Sur with the Podcasts app that once I subscribe to a podcast, rather than it downloading a local copy of the eppisodes, I would rather just simply use my internet connection and not have it automatically nor manually download anything. I'd rather just mark all for streaming only, and just simply stream the episodes' audio. I know that if you set things correctly/tightly enough, you can actually have it not overwhelm your hard disk capassity, but even still, I don't like the idea of it downloading, auto-deleting, etc. That's what I really like about Castro, and a lot of other podcatcher apps... you can simply just stream the audio directly from the podcast's RSS feed, and never have to worry about things being placed on your drive, even all be it, if only temporarily.

If this is something that the Apple Podcasts app on the mac side of things, not the iOS side, let me be very clear about that, can do, then please tell me how to configure the app globally, or on a podcast per podcast base so that this happens.