Pocket Casts bug with web app on Mac and Voiceover

macOS & Mac Apps

Hi all

For those with Pocket Casts accounts, do you experience the following bug on Mac OS using Voiceover and the web player?

1 go to: pocketcasts.com and sign into your account.

2. Go to a podcast subscription which contains a lot of episodes.

3. Move down through the podcast episodes. By now, have you seen the bug? If you notice that Voiceover suddenly jumps you quite away back through the podcast feed then congratulations! You have spotted what I am talking about.

Would love to know if I am the only Mac user experiencing this issue.

Yes, I could just create my: Up Next playlist on my iPhone and that will carry across to the web but what if I didn't have my phone on me? Just the Mac at hand. As you can picture, this is quite a serious bug and I would love to hear if other Mac users on here are able to reproduce and inform the developers in a professional mannor. Because, the mor Voiceover users that report it, the more it will hopefully gain attraction and get fixed quickly.

Yes, I know I could use overcast.fm but I'm open to other different podcast app options and Pocket Casts looks to be a promising offering.

The web app works reasonably well on Windows 10 with a certain combo of screen readers / browsers. Mac though is hampered by this rather critical bug with Voiceover. Other than that, I think it has potential to be another user's podcast app of choice with a web offering thrown into the barging.

Let me know if any Mac users try this out and can reproduce and by doing so, report to pocket casts directly with your findings.