Plex as a Home Theater Option

macOS & Mac Apps
Greetings, I recently picked up a new Mac Mini with the intent of turning it into a home theater. I intend to use Plex as the main platform via the Media Center and Server.. Thus far I managed to setup the Plex Server and Plex Remote on the iOS devices, but just realized that the Plex Home Theater is not accessible. Does anyone know how to make the Plex Media center accessible, or will I have to rely on a sighted user to interact with it when not using one of the iOS remotes? Additionally, I am looking for a streaming device that will hook up to the other TV's in the house. Does anyone have any advice on what to use? All that I have uncovered with regards to streaming devices is the Roku or Apple TV 2nd Generation with the jailbroken Plex app. Thank you, Tim