Please help! MacBook users.

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Hi all, I hope all of Mac users could help with comments. I don't know anything about MacBooks, one of my friends got one. and he needs to know even if this one has voiceOver, where could turn on VO. if it good procesor. the MacBook has the fallowing espects: 2009 white 13'' Macbook . Pro, 2 GHZ Intel Core Duo processor, 2 GB of ram and a 160 GB hard drive,  Current operating system is 10.6 Snow Leopard.



Submitted by Phillip on Monday, July 23, 2012

Hold down the command key and press the f 5 key and voiceover will load. The command is next to the spacebar.

Submitted by Signaltonoise on Monday, July 23, 2012

VoiceOver is on all of Apple's computers. Just hit command F5 and VoiceOver will be enabled. It's not about what hardware you are running although higher specced machines are more capable it's about what software you are running. OS X Snow Leopard is a good choice, I'd wait for Mountain Lion because Lion is what Vista was to windows machines, Lion is to Mac OS X. Control and Option are your VO keys and hitting VO plus K will bring up the keyboard help menu, which is a valuable tool for a new user. When you first launch VO by hitting cmd F5 a voice prompt will tell you to hit enter if you already know how to use VO, in your case I'd listen to the prompt and go through the VO Quick Start Guide. This can also be accessed from VO +H the VoiceOver help menu. I hope this helps and if you need anymore help please contact me at or on twitter @blindpodcaster. Enjoy your Mac, Aaron STN producer

Submitted by billip on Monday, July 23, 2012

I know your computer is not an iBook, but on my friend's older iBook you have to hold down the fn key while you do the command f5 key combo. This might not be the case with your computer, but he also has Snow Leopard.