Petitioning Amazon to make Kindle For Mac accessible!

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Hi all,

I have started a petition on, which aims to make the Kindle For Mac app accessible to VO users. It's about time Amazon did something about this baring in mind the popularity of Kindle e-books. The AppleVis community were key in bringing about improvements in the iOS version of the Kindle app a few years ago, so let's do it one more time! Join me in my campaign. Sign and share the petition with everyone you know. The link is:

Heres to hoping improvements will be made soon!



Submitted by Ali Kazi on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thanks to all who have signed so far, we are doing well. I have contacted every organisation I can think of who has anything to do with OS X in an attempt to promote the petition, such as blogs and magazines. It would be great if you could all do the same. Let's ramp up the pressure!