Petition Amazon to Make the Kindle for Mac App Accessible

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Although this petition originates in England I hope that many of you will sign it as it addresses a particularly irksome issue that I am sure that some of you have encountered. I have written Amazon U.S. in the past in the hope of obtaining a genuine response to no avail. If enough people complain loudly and frequently Amazon may hear us and move to do the right thing.The link to the petition:…

and the wording of the petition:

Make the Kindle For Mac app accessible to VoiceOver users!

Ali Kazi Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Kindle e-book format of books are arguably the most popular format of e-books available on the market today. As such, these books can be read using several different methods, either on a Kindle device, a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, just to name a few. It is therefore imperitive that visually impaired users of the Kindle service are afforded the same flexibility and offered the same level of support as their fully-sighted counterparts.
At the moment this is sadly not the case. The Amazon Kindle For Mac app is woefully inaccessible to blind users of OS X, with not a single element or control capable of being read by the VoiceOver screenreader. We would therefore urge Amazon to do the right thing and remedy this as soon as possible. We, the blind community, implore Amazon to show us some love by making Kindle For Mac fully compatible with the VoiceOver screenreader, and thereby ensuring that equality between visually impaired and sighted people is maintained and upheld.