Peculiar behaviour with voiceover and web spots in Mountain Lion

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Hi: Since I upgraded to Mountain Lion I've noticed some strange behaviour with voiceover and webspots. When I create a new web spot, I can't get to it unless I go to the bottom of the screen and then use find next web spot. When I search from the top, I get the audio feedback indicating nothing is there. This did not happen before upgrading. It also happens with the keyboard command and the gesture which I set for the tracker. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks. I've also noticed that I can't get to the next selection, whether it be link, heading, table, etc with the right arrow keys. Only works with the up and down arrows. Is there a way to change this? Thank you.



Submitted by blindgator on Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey, the geniuses at Apple reversed the webspots in Mountain Lion. I have reported this issue to them I couldn't believe they did this. In previous version you would click VO command right bracket to go to the next webspot on the page. and VO command left bracket to go to the previous web spot on the page made perfect sense, but now in Mountain Lion, if you hit VO command right bracket it takes you to the previous web spot and VO command left bracket takes you to the next web spot. Absolutely idiotic, so basically you are clicking left to go right and right to click left. When something likes this happens it really makes me wonder if anyone is testing this stuff, as this seems like it should have been something that was tested and pretty basic. At least in this country I thought you click right to go down a page and left to go up a page. Very frustrating