Pause/break key on Mac OS with VO

macOS & Mac Apps
Hi guys! I've come across an issue... I've had this issue before in other situations, but right now I'm copying the content of an external hard-drive on to my macs hard-drive, so I can format the external hard-drive without loosing the things I got on it. Anyway, when copying, I would like to be able to check the progress, since it probably is around 400 gB and will probably take a while to finish. When tabing around with VO in the copy window, I find a place that constantly updates how much of the content that has been copied. And here's the problem. It updates too fast for me to get any idea to how far the copying has reached. When using windows, I could always hit the pause/break key to temporarily stop the updating of any screen items, but on Mac there is no pause key as far as I have found. Well, there is the pause key on F8, but that only opens iTunes every time I press it. But even if there isn't a physical pause key on the keyboard, perhaps there is a VO keyboard command that will let me stop the fast updating numbers for a while to hear what the whole thing says? Yeah, I also checked the progress bar with VO+F3 to see if that could give me any clues, but it only says "progress bar buissy", or something like that... (Since I live in norway and use the norwegian translation, I'm not exactly sure to what it says in english..) Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)