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I am, trying to format a pages document in order too navigate using Headings, Text Attributes Etc.
I am not sure how to change the document so that when I am trying to easily refer to it I can simply press VO Command H for Headings. and jump to a specific section without having to read through the 20 page document.
I have gone through the document and changed some of the Text which was previously labeled as Body by the person who created the Document to Heading Level 1. 2 or 3 depending on which section of the document I am in. However this does not seem to have made any change and I am still not able to navigate using the VO, command H.

If anyone has suggestions on what can be done to remedy this issue I would appreciate your assistance.

Thank you.



Submitted by John W. hess on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

unfortunately, Voiceover does not recognize headings in pages. headings are denoted by a larger font and the only way to know if you've created a heading is to use Vo-Shift-T to read the font size.,

Is there a way to set-up Headers that Voice Over would recognize on Microsoft Word on Mac?
I am not familiar with how to navigate Pages with voice over using attributes/ I know that the Help key says that I can navigate to the formatter field quickly by using Voice Over Keys, but then it never says what the command is.

Thank you.