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Suppose I have a multi-page Pages document marked up with comments. Is there a way to easily jump from the comment window to the anchor text?

Here's my scenario: I open a Pages document, and as I would expect, the text cursor is at the start of the first line. Next, I jump to the first comment with Command+Option+K, and let's assume that comment is on page three. After I arrow around in the comment window and read the comment text, I want to close the comment window and have my text cursor located within the anchor text (the document text associated with that comment). How would I do that?

VO+J does not work. Neither does pressing Escape, which closes the comment window but leaves my text cursor position unchanged, so it's still at the start of the first line of text, back on page one.

While we're at it, I'd also like to perform the reverse operation. Suppose I'm reading through a document with comments. When I come across text that has been flagged with a comment, VO reads the comment to me. Next, I want to open the comment window so I can edit or delete the comment. How would I do that?

If I simply hit Command+Option+K, that jumps to the next comment, not the comment associated with my current text cursor position. VO+J doesn't work either. Even with the comments pane open, VO+J always jumps to the format pane.

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Submitted by PaulMartz on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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If I forego using Command+Option+K to move from one comment to the next, and instead use the comment pane, then I've found a way to jump from a specific comment to the anchor text in the document. The idea is to have VoiceOver focus on the comment pane group of controls and text for the comment of interest, then select it (VO+Spacebar). Then navigate to the document. But before interacting, use the arrow keys to move the cursor by one character. Then interact with the document, the page, and the body. Now the text cursor and VO focus are synchronized. Whew.

Still no way to go in the reverse direction - from document text to the comment associated with it.