OSX Pro Tip - don't interact when you don't have to

macOS & Mac Apps
Here's a little thing I realised this week, you don't have to interact as much as you might think. A good example of what I mean is when you are using finder to launch and app. In the past, I would bring up the list of apps with a Command+Shigt+A, type "me' for messages, interact with VO+DownArrow then press VOSpaceBar to launch the app. Now, Once I've brought up the list of apps and moved focus to Messages, I simply press Command+o. It's a simple thing, that only saves a fraction of a second, but as the saying goes, every little helps. Also, using this method means yu don't have to move your right hand away from the home keys - which old time touch typists like me really dislike doing. Hoep this helps at least one or two people. I"m sure as usual, there's lots of you who already know this. JT