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I need to use my one drive business account on mac, i tried opening it in safari on mac, but i feel lost,
ALso, I read the Microsoft accessibility short cuts but they are not like google drive or something,
so, are there any podcasts that explain how to use one drive on mac? or do you have any suggestion on how to do that?



Submitted by Kevin Shaw on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

There is a One Drive App in the Mac App Store. Once installed, managing your files is like using Dropbox or Google Drive. The app is VO accessible at last check.

Submitted by Ramy on Saturday, May 8, 2021

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It's wonderful if you will sync all your HD, or a folder, but i do not want to sync my computer data to this drive, they have a very wonderful feature called files ondemmand, but it needs an APFS HD which i think is not secured like the Mac extended journaled. this is why i do not think that this will be good, but what if i need to use the onedrive online? it is not accessible like the google drive

If you're using One Drive just through a web browser, you almost need to forget using VoiceOver navigation and use the tab and return keys to work through the interface. There are keyboard shortcuts, granted not very useful ones. Reach out to Microsoft as they've been really helpful to me with regard to accessibility.