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I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the different commands that the Mac can now do. I am hoping that someone can help clear up the difference for me between using the Num pad commander compared to using the Quick Nav Keys?

I am fairly new to using Quick Nav and am still trying to figure it out. I noticed that when on a laptop it does not seem to show the option to change the rate, [itch, volume, and intonation. I know that when on ios this is how they are changed and when on a laptop typically it requires pressing VO + command and right or left arrow then up or down at the same time to make the change to the given field. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this using the quick Nav arrows?

Is there an advantage to using Num Pad versus suing Quick Nav? Are they similar or are they two completly different ways of navigating the computer with VO?

Is there a difference between using the single keys and the arrows? or the Num pad? Can they all three be used?

It seems as if there are a lot of commands to learn in order to use Quick Nav and the NumPad/ Therefore I am wondering if they are the same as far as the functions that they perform, or do I need to try to learn both sets of commands?

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Submitted by Nicholas on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Hello Jennifer,
Speaking only for myself, I use QuickNav for 90% of my navigation needs. I do have Keyboard and trackpad commanders on as well. Oddly enough, I do not use single-key nav mode with QuickNav, it is turned off. I prefer using the custom keys with keyboard commander, using the right-option key as the hot key. It is right next to the arrows.
I use Trackpad Commander occasionally, for a change up on the wrist action. I do not have a Numpad, so do not have experience there and keep it turned off.
One caveat, the QuickNav Rotor is currently missing the sentence and paragraph nav modes. I used these extensively in Mavericks. Now in Sierra, in keyboard commander, in the custom commands table, I added (+ button) a shortcut key using "/" as the key. Then on it's command pop-up menu, arrow down to the "text" submenu and choose "read next paragraph".
Now I can use QuickNav for main navigation while editing text, but easily read through by paragraph, using right-option slash, easily within reach of the arrow keys.
Long reply, but hope it helps some.