Not receiving mail on my Macbook pro

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Hi all. i use comcast for my mail, I have two accounts. Last night things were working fine, but today, it won't bring in any mail. I used the connection doctor, it keeps saying that i'm connecting to server under all the accounts, those, and iCloud. As far as i know nothing's changed on comcast's end, and i have not tested if I can send anythingyet. I don't know much about the Mac, so i haven't really dived in to this yet. The mail is set up as pop accounts, I don't know why before it wasn't pop3. I looked on the comcast site, and there is mail waiting for me. Thanks for any help you can provide.



Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hi all. I sent myself a test message, no go. I then rebooted, old windows habit i know, and I got a can't connect to this account, type in my password. I clicked cancel, this means Comcast is having some sort of cramp from the holiday weekend. Thanks if anyone read this.

Submitted by Ekaj on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I've been experiencing something similar, and so has a sister of mine who uses VoiceOver on a Mac Book Air. I will try and explain the issue the best I can. A few times when trying to send messages from my personal email account when using my Mac, I've gotten some sort of server error that says the message couldn't be sent. Or sometimes I will be prompted to enter my password. When checking things out, there is a button labeled "Connection Doctor," and then "Try Later" and "Cancel" buttons. A couple times when this has happened on my Mac and I came back to Mail, the messages were sent and I could hear the "whoosh" sound. But other times they have been unsuccessful. On Saturday evening after coming back from dinner, my sister booted up her Mac and VoiceOver and she got the same error when trying to send a message.

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