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Hello, first of all, I apologize if this is somehow covered in another forum, but while digging, I couldn't find a relatable forum. I'm having issues with sites either not being responsive or they're just not good for VO users. Example: I play guitar and frequent There's a section where you can "Add a Shot" (a video of you playing guitar). The issue is, under "SHOTS" on the main page, "add a shot" is a text element. The button to the right of that just tells me "button" and when I click on that it just reloads the page. Important: On another site that said "add a photo" was a text element brought up a file browser to upload a photo. The only reason I know this is because a sighted user was with me and had to navigate over and click in the window for me to access a file. If they weren't there, I would have never known. I hope this situation makes sense, as I'm not sure if the "add a shot" text element is bringing up a separate file window or just not being responsive. I'll conclude with letting you know I emailed the support team, but who knows where that will lead. Does anyone have any solution to this? Thanks!