Night Owl Update

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi all. It's been a while since I posted on here. I write this with a great deal of disappointment. As some of you know I'm in the beta program for macOS. Well a new beta release got pushed to me on Tuesday so I installed it. (Disclaimer, this next part has nothing to do with the NDA). I stepped away from my computer to socialize with the people I live with upstairs and after 15 minutes I came back to find out that Night Owl was prompting me to sign back in to Twitter. I force quit the app and went back in it to delete my accounts because I originally thought that there was something wrong with them. But after doing so I still got the prompt to sign in. So I thought that it may be because Night Owl needs to be updated and sure enough. In the release notes it stated that the developer regenerated the consumer key and that you need to use the updated version to keep using Night Owl. Now I've been a big fan of Growl when it comes to notifications because I hate the notification center. I hate how notifications interrupt what Voiceover is reading. It's just not cool. I used Growl with Night Owl to read my tweets when they came in. I liked that feature because when I'm not using my computer and doing something else I can hear what's in my timeline as it happens. Unfortunately though, Growl support is broken or whatever because the new tweets when they come in go to notification center instead. I DM'd the developer using the handle @yorufukurou but I don't know if he checks his/her tweets and I don't know if he/she has a direct email address. So anyway, I just hope they get this and fix it.