Newbie struggling with new iMac - Help!!!

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Hi All,

Firstly about me i am in the UK so we may have terminology issues, I am Registered Severely Visually Imp (Legally Blind?) My Acuity is Left - 3/60 Right - Perceives Light Only and I have severely reduced field in both eyes <5 degrees.

I recently took the rather brave (?) step of swicthing from PC to Mac and I am now attempting to drive a 27" iMac with with a LogicKeyboard Low Vision Apple Keyboard.

Functionally all is good, I chickened out and have Office 2011 for Mac installed as i need some familiarity to what i am used to. there are however a few things that I could use some advice with.

Changing the default menu font size - the only way i have found of doing this is to reduce the Display resolution which makes it clearer but surely there is a way of increasing the font size of the application menus.

Highlighting text - now this may be a Mac newbie thing but when i highlight text to copy / paste it there is no evidence of the highlighting (colour inversion that I was used to on the PC) Also I have just found with Twitter that hyperlinks and Hashtags when composing a tweet appear invisible, they may be a similar colour to the background but my contrast perception is fairly poor so they just ain't there, how can i cghange the default colour schemes.

The only other gripe I have at the moment is that the Phone book on my iPhone 6+ doesn't seem to be synchronising with my Outlook Address book, any thoughts?

Thanks for taking the time to get thsi far.





Submitted by Justin on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome to applevis! First off, in regards to office for mac, I wouldn't have a clue as to using it since it wasn't usable with VoiceOve, or at least it wasn't when I tried using it a few years back.
The iPhone contacts thing can only be done with iTunes or iCloud as far as I know.
Thats al I have, in reguards to the mac, congrats on getting one, and you'll definitely enjoy it once you get things figured out. There's a learning curve, but once that is figured out, it should be smooth sailing from that point onwards.
Take care!

Submitted by Berty on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi Kerry. First of all, if you have properly configure your OutLook account, go in to iPhone's settings >> Mail, Contacts, calendar >> "Your OutLook account", then turn on the contacts.

Secondly, go to your contacts >> Groups and Check all Outlook and it will sync automatically.

That/s only what I've got for you. Hope that's helps.