New Macbook Air and VMWare Fusion

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Greetings Everyone, Based on the new specs for the Air, I am wondering how it would handle VMWare Fusion? I am in the market to clear off desktop space by having a Mac with Windows on it for those few times a week I need to handle PDF forms. Additionally, I enjoy many of the services from System Access and SAMNet, where I just want the ability to play around within it from time to time. My Mac is the primary system I use for work, home, and other needs, but the new Air would give me greater travel abilities and turn my mini solely into a media server. Alas, this hinges on whether the Air could handle VM. If not, I just may wait for the Macbook Pro. Thoughts, suggestions, etc... greatly appreciated. Tim



Submitted by BrianSchmidt on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm running Parallel's 8 on an existing MacBook Retina 13", and it works like a charm. I wasn't impressed by previous versions, but I'm running multi-mon, Windows 7 using a shared bootcamp and virtual machine. Highly recommended. I'm running that for sort of the opposite reason-- I'm primarily windows, but need the Mac for my iOS development. With a "ctrl-arrow" I switch between the two. I did opt for the 8G RAM, which you'll probably want to do, since a virtual machine will eat up your memory (mine is split 4G mac, 4G Windows).