New to the Mac; Some Questions and Seeking Guides or Manuals in Braille

macOS and Mac Apps
Good Morning, I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and I absolutely love it even though I'm not very proficient with it yet. Do you know if there are any braille materials available for learning to use the Mac? I'm copyingb commands and some techniques, but it would sure be nice if there were some braille manuals available. The main things I need to learn first are how to handle e-mail and how to play and save music on the Mac. I was able to compose an e-mail, but no matter what I did I could not find out how to send it. I found delete and save and soforth but not send. I also tried playing a CD and it played just fine. It appeared to me that it copied it to my library as soon as I inserted the CD, which is great, but can you just copy it without having to play it. If you can, and I'm thinking this is so, then it is going to be a piece of cake for me to put my CD collection on this computer. I'm loving VoiceOver! The speech is so clear and responsive, it's great! Thanks for any assistance you can give. BTW, I have listened to a few podcasts on the website and hope I'll be able to locate many more. Thank you.