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Who thinks that given Apple announced earlier today that hat Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been totally rewritten, that they followed there own accessibility rules and that they will now be totally accessible?



Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I just looked at the update and you have to download mavericks first. I am not doing that quite yet until I hear more about this new version of mac os since I need my mac for school. If anyone tries pages please let us know. A good advanced accessible word processor is the only thing keeping me from killing bootcamp and never looking back.

Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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My updates came in with all of those updates,as well as when looking in the applications I see an iwork09 folder. So I'll open pages right now to see if anything's changed. I didn't have the headache others used to so if someone could tell me where something should be more accessible then it is, so i can verify it, I'd appreciate it.

I had tried to use Pages before and found it incredibly frustrating...particularly its lack of accessibility for tables. I can honestly say now after looking at it for a few minutes and reviewing some documents I had created previously that had accessibility issues that it is much more accessible then previously. Table accessibility it pretty good now. Keep in mind I only reviewed it for about ten minutes so there could very well be some additional accessibility issues I did not come across, but I can definitely say that with what I used I almost like table accessibility better than Microsoft Word. Just my thoughts.

Submitted by Jason on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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They are free upgrades to anyone who already paid for them. Make sure you verify that you are logged in to the app store when you look. At first it told me I had to pay for them but then I realized that after the upgrade it logs you out of the app store.Just something to keep in mind...

This is great and bodes well for further finds. They seem to work like very basic Windows screen readers work or how something like JAWS used to work about ten years ago. What's special about this frankly baffles me. What am I missing Jason or do you just like a very basic approach to your Table accessibility?

When I created a new table, column and row content was announced as headers - cool. Jason, I take it back, it's good, but only as good as it should be.