new features in mail in mountain lion

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hi all, i don't know if any of you have had a chance to play with mountain lion yet, but i can't seem to get access to the new VIP feature and the new notification settings in mail, aparrently it's really easy to do on the iphone but not on the mac? i really want to use it! other than that mountain lion is really good :).



Submitted by AppleVis on Sunday, July 8, 2012

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We would ask that you all avoid specific questions about using Mountain Lion until it is officially released.

For now, it is still in beta, which means that this type of discussion would most likely be a violation of Apple's Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which anybody who has legal access to the software will have agreed to.

Any of our Editorial Team who has signed an NDA will honor it. We respectfully ask all of our users to do likewise when posting to AppleVis. We appreciate that many other websites are providing detailed information on Mountain Lion, but it's entirely possible that they have been given permission by Apple to report on Lion -- and that's outside the purview of the NDA.

hi, i'm really sorry, i didn't know. is there a way that fellow beta testers can go somewhere and discuss the pros and cons of each new beta? i think it would be useful. amy

No worries! This is a new set of rules that we have just made in place recently. You had no idea and this is in no way your fault. We really appreciate your enthusiasm in want to share or wanting to discuss very exciting things that are soon to be released. So thank you for your support! So feel free to discuss and talk about anything that is Apple and accessible related as long it doesn't violate any NDA of any companies! As for any place that you can talk about beta items. Sadly, we at AppleVis can't and will not be able to help you on this matter. Feel free to use Google for that. There are hundreds if not thousands of place that you can do that. ;)