New audiogame - Space Encounter is available!

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Hi all,

here we are with some news we hope you'll find juicy...

We are introducing a new audiogame, it's called "Space Encounter", a space-based shoot'em up.

It is available in its First Open Edition, first edition ever being published for Mac (and PC *smile*). There are different purchasing options, each one has different a different price, starting at 19,90€.

Full speed ahead then and, if you can, support us choosing the Bronze Medal, the Silver Medal or the Gold Medal. We are a small, private company, no subsidies, and we need you and your purchases to be able to continue produce more and better audiogames.

Buy Space Encounter - First Open Edition - 19,90€:…

Buy Space Encounter - First Open Edition - Bronze Medal - 49,90€:…

Includes: one ship named as you like.

Buy Space Encounter - First Open Edition - Silver Medal - 99,90€:…

Includes: one ship plus one campaign named as you like.

Buy Space Encounter - First Open Edition - Gold Medal - 249,90€:…

two ships named as you like
two campaigns named as you like
special mention in the 'Credits' section of the game as Associate Producer

Join the Space Encounter! Shoot your missiles and exterminate the alien scum! Win the Total War and become the Supreme Intergalactic Commander!

Game Description

Pilot, are you ready to fight the alien oppression with Space Encounter?
During an immersive gaming experience, you'll face many enemy fleets, coming from all the universe!
Choose your ship and your equipment and dash yourself into the battle! Shoot first and destroy everithing that's moving.
Test yourself with the Total War fighting all the alien races one by one, or select a single campaign to fight in a specific part of the universe, or train facing single alien waves.
Start as simple pilot; fight; accumulate points and victory after victory you'll climb the high intergalactic command's hierarchy, till you'll become its supreme leader!
Welcome to Space Encounter!!

And last but not least...

Click to access the dedicate page on, with the teaser and the test run:




Submitted by PG_PB on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sounds cool. Hope it's available for IOS soon. It sounds quite exciting.
A big thank you'
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