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Hello! wen i navigate with voiceover in the table on web page, voiceover doesn't interakt with the table and doesn't read or allow me to navigate with this.
the website is hebrew language, but accessible.

wen i worked with NVDA i can to navigate with the table, and in mac with voiceover i can't to do this.
what are you recommend me?



Submitted by mehgcap on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

There's a bug in Yosemite where some tables can't be navigated, for some reason. I urge you to email Apple about this, including the link to the table in question, at

In the meantime, when you are on that table and VO is just making its ding sound, turn Quick Nav off and hit down arrow. This usually puts VO focus in the table, and it will work normally from there. Again though, be sure you've disabled Quick Nav before pressing the down arrow.